March 26, 2014

Why SoapQuick?

If you've ever been to David's website, you may have seen an interesting supply up for sale: his SoapQuick, premixed soapmaking oils that are ready to portion out & make into awesome soap.

If you're part of the soapmaking world (whether you just learned or have been making soap for years) you may be wondering what the point of premixed oils would be. After all, isn't making up the recipe half the fun?

Well, sure - but we've found that there are loads of reasons why you might want to go the SoapQuick route, even if it's not for every batch.

1. Testing colors or additives: You could use your expensive avocado oil recipe to see what happens when you put lavender buds in soap. But what oils you use makes no difference in the outcome of the soap when considering colors and additives, so why waste your good stuff? In fact, you may even want to test your scents in SoapQuick - but be warned that some recipes trace quicker than others, so the trace you get in your SoapQuick batch may not be the same one you get in your favorite recipe.

2. Practicing: If you're new to the craft & aren't sure that you want to invest, SoapQuick is the perfect route. No need to buy a 50 lb box of coconut oil and a jug olive oil and a tub of palm oil (you get the picture) - it's all already pre-mixed into the SoapQuick! In fact, even the ROE is already included in David's buckets. And you can buy it in two different sizes - 7.6 lb (1 gallon) or 38 lb (5 gallon) in an easy to use bucket. That's two great sizes, depending on how much you want to get involved at first!

3. Teaching: Ruth uses SoapQuick in her Advanced Cold Process Soap Design with Loaf Molds class. That class is all about technique, not about the recipes at all. It saves her lots of time to just be able to pour out the amount she needs instead of weigh each oil individually!

4. Speed: If you're starting to get more orders than you can keep up with, SoapQuick is a great way to reduce your manufacturing time. No more weighing out individual oils - it's already done for you! Just pour out the amount you need for your batch & move on. The recipe is great the way it is, or you can customize with additional butters & oils and recalculate the lye (check out which has SoapQuick as one of the oil options).

These are just 4 of the many reasons why you might want to use SoapQuick in your soapmaking. Do you have any additional reasons we haven't mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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Dana Sieben said...

Thanks for the blog post. My friend and I are just starting out doing M&P, but want to try our hand at CP. I've never heard of SoapQuick, so this was good timing.