March 18, 2014

Vitamin E & ROE - Expiration?

We recently had a student email us & ask us about the expiration dates for antioxidants like of ROE (rosemary oleoresin extract) & Vitamin E. She had been storing the tiny 1-oz bottles for over a year & wanted to know if they were still good. Here's our answer:

"If stored properly and tightly closed, they may still be fine to use. I would smell them; if they don't smell strongly or like they are rancid, they might be ok. 
We would recommend that you purchase brand-new bottles. If the product is bad, it could ruin your whole batch. It's not worth the cost to mess up whole batches of lotion or soap. Bad Vitamin E can make an entire batch of lotion rancid. We also recommend you store both in the fridge & purchase small bottles that you can use up within 6 months."

Tell us - do you have any experience using ROE & Vitamin E after the 1-year mark?

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Signe said...

I've never user ROE, but my first E-vitamin has been in my closet more than a year, and there is no problem with it. I do not store it in the fridge, but in a dark and cool place anyway. Try them with smaller batches, so you don't waste so many ingredients, if it's gone bad.