March 10, 2014

On Your Soapbox

I hope you didn't come here looking for drama, because all we have for you is some history ;)

Did you know that the phrase "getting up on your soapbox" came from actual soap boxes? Soap used to be sold in wooden crates. Need to make an impromptu speech, but no one can see you? Voila - turn that baby upside down, step on up & now you're "on your soapbox!"

We're just 15 minutes from liberal arts college UC Berkeley - a place where students historically spend a lot of time on their soapboxes! A free speech movement initiated there & spread across other college campuses in the 1960s. Read more about that & the history of the term here.

In addition, founder of The Nova Studio, Lori Nova Endres, has a bachelor's & master's degree in "Speech Communication" and taught public speaking courses for a year while in grad school before making the leap to making and then teaching soap - but even with all her qualifications, she's never stood on an actual soap box!

Here are the topics that get us up on our soapbox:

- Teaching the importance of lye safety when making soap (gloves & goggles on!)
- Hearing about people who sell lotions & creams without using a preservative
- Seeing big brand name products with "organic," "pure," or "natural" on the label & then reading the ingredients panel to find it tells a much different story

So tell us - what topics make you whip out your soapbox?

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Similiar to your third bullet, I can't stand it when big brands go a little too far with their marketing hype. I got on my soap box recently about one maker making a claim that the appearance of soda ash is evidence that they use pure goat's milk. What? If you'd like to read my rant it's here: :)