February 14, 2014

Before & After: Studio Remodel

Here at The Nova Studio, we have some big things in the works & are spending a lot of time looking forward - but we're also feeling a little nostalgic!

Did you know that before Lori discovered the space we now use to teach classes, it was a children's dance studio? Here are some pictures of what the Studio looked like when Lori first walked in the door 10 1/2 years ago, compared with how those areas look today:

2003, the back door, before Lori installed the shelves, counters or cabinets.
Today: Joan McCoy teaching.
2003- our back room (now the kitchen)
Today, the fridge, baker's rack
& additional shelves have all been added
2003, the office window, which now has a full curtain
& storage shelves installed in front of it.
Today, the office window.
2003 - the front display window - no flower boxes yet in this photo!
Today, Lori put her touch on it & made it much more beautiful!
2003, the front of the Studio - now includes more shelves
& new paint colors on the walls!
2003 - here is the area that Lori soon turned into the Sample Wall.
Today, the sample wall!
2003 - Lori ahd to have the shelves above the mirror added,
as well as the storage along the back wall.
This picture is taken from the same angle as the one above.
Can you believe the difference?
Can you believe there were no ceiling fans before
Lori got her hands on this space?
Lori put so much work into the Studio & it shows! The Studio we learn in today is a beautiful, relaxing place to spend a weekend (or more!). Nearly everyone who visits for a class mentions the "good vibes" here at the Studio - and we couldn't agree more. It's a very special building (built around 1910-1920) and we feel fortunate to be here!

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